Can y'all believe it's already July???? Where in the world did June go and how can we get it back? I love my job, but I believe I would be perfectly fine with June lasting all year. :) I've decided to try and get my classroom done and put together as soon as I can, so I can enjoy summer before having to go back to school in August. This way, it won't stress me out and I know I won't run out of time, which is what happened last year. So for the past couple of days, I worked EXTREMELY hard and got most of the room done. All boards are up, except for one, but not finished. Furniture is placed and everything is ready to be decorated and "cozied up!" Here's what I've accomplished so far:

Filing Cabinet still needs to be covered...

These paintings are always in my classroom. The girl I painted at a painting party with some teacher friends, and the other two dot pictures are from two of my 1st grade class that we did during one of our weekly reading stories: "The Dot". See the green one? That was done by my first class, which is also the class I'm going to have this year as 5th graders.  :)

I decided my classroom needed some good 'ole anchor charts. All of these that I created were inspired by other's creations that I found on Pinterest. They can be found on my 'Anchor Charts' board here.

**This one is entirely mine...and it is also our first vocabulary skill. I'm SO excited to be teaching vocabulary! 

This is the vocabulary board. There is no title or heading yet, but it will display the vocabulary cards for each week's words. 

I've created these cards for the vocabulary words. I'll upload them soon. :)

This was a great find from Hobby Lobby and is perfect for holding our class magazines. It will look much better after I have the labels done. 
**Correction: This was a great TJ MAXX find! Sorry! All these stores are running together at this point :) I may or may not be on a first name basis with some of the store employees! HA!

The circle table needs to be raised. It was a good height for my first graders...not so much for 5th graders. :)

I LOVE the computer set up in this room. They always looked so messy in my old classroom, but the computer tables work fabulously here. 

See those extra computers? They will soon be set up neatly under the pink and green boards. Just as soon as I can find a table for them. 

This will be my small group meeting area, but it needs a lot of work. And some chairs. And a new, colorful desk chair. And some decorating. :) :)

That's all I've got so far. I am IN LOVE with all the storage space. I even have empty shelves at this point and I would have never thought that was possible. It is wonderful and it has made creating this classroom so much easier. :)
There's still so much to do, but I'm happy with the amount of work I've got finished so far. It's nice knowing everything's basically placed where it goes and it's not sitting in the middle of the floor, piled up on desks anymore. Baby steps.. :) Talk to y'all soon!