Right now, I'm at my favorite stage of creating a classroom. All the boards are up, furniture is placed, and I'm ready to decorate everything. So far, I've created our vocabulary board, genres board,  and classroom rules. I'm *almost* finished with the objectives board, but I've misplaced my pocket chart. :( Here's what I've accomplished so far.

Classroom Rules
Have you ever read The Essential 55 by Ron Clark? I'm obsessed with Ron Clark and I absolutely loved this book, but I think 55 classroom rules is a bit overwhelming for my classroom and my students, so I made the essential 5, which includes a broad range of rules. 

Daily Objectives
When my grandmother was in the hospital back in May, she had a white board in her room that had her health plan for the day. I loved the idea of this and quickly discovered this could be used as classroom objectives. The lost pocket chart will go under the title and will contain the common core standards for the week, while the daily part will include the plan for the day and possibly homework.

Genres Board

Vocabulary Board
This board will contain all the vocabulary words for the week

Comprehension Posters

Parts of Speech Posters

That's all I've got right now. It's slowly coming together, piece by piece :)