Teaching the skill of inferring in 5th grade is not all that different than teaching it in 1st: it's still a hard skill for the kids to grasp. I create a weekly lesson on the mystery of Harris Burrdick for this week (which I will blog about later, because the kids LOVED it!) and one of the first activities included making an inference about each picture. Every one of my classes kept asking what to do for that part so I knew I need to rewind and review inferring with a mini lesson. I found this fantastic packet on TpT from Blair Turner. It was exactly what we needed. In the pack, Blair created these flashcards that contain short passages that describe a person or a setting. I took those passages and made reproducible copies for my students. Then I put each passage in a powerpoint slide. Since my kids are 5th graders, figuring out what/who the passage was talking about was no problem, but it allowed us to go back and really identify the text clues that helped them infer. This activity was exactly what we needed. Thanks, Blair! :)