We completed our first weekly project last week and I am so proud of my kids! They did a fabulous job! The project was called "Analyze a Character". The kids had to pick a book character from a story that they had read and list the physical traits and the character traits of their book character. They also had to pick one of the character traits and find text based evidence in the story that supported that trait. You can grab a copy of the project below (student info page and the grading rubric) :)

Click here to pick up a copy! 

Have you ever read The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller? I read it over the summer and found some really great ideas, one of which we did this past week. I had the kids write a letter to me about the book that they're currently reading. They did such a good job on this and I really liked reading about how they felt about their book. I went around reading the letters and writing a quick response to them. I've included a "suggestions for letter topics" page in their Interactive Notebook that they can use if they are stumbled on what to write about.