Cara's 100th Day people are quite possibly my favorite craft ever and I always loved recreating them for New Years and having the kids write resolutions. Here's a couple of pictures from an old post so you can get an idea :)

I did this activity with my 5th graders today. I didn't remember to cut out the hats with scrapbook paper so they didn't turn out near as cute, but I LOVE reading their resolutions. After actually talking about what resolutions are and examples of common ones people always making, we wrote our own. As I was looking back through my first grade resolutions it's so neat to see how different 1st graders think than 5th graders! :) Here's the 5th grade version:

If I had remembered scrapbook paper this would have look precious with this great garland I found after Christmas for 75% off! It worked great for the hats. 

After we each made our own resolution, we decided on a few class goals that we wanted to work hard to accomplish this semester. I created a chart with each of my three classes, but forgot to take pictures of that! :)