New Series: Weekly Pins

3:32 PM

Hi friends! I'm starting a new series on this blog called "This Week's Favorite Pins". In this series, which will be posted every Sunday, I'll highlight some of my favorite educational pins of the week. Since this is Life in Fifth Grade, most of the pins will be something that pertains to upper grades. If you want to see lower grade pins, I'll be posting my weekly favs over on Life in First Grade. :) You can find all my weekly favorite pins on this board. Each week, I'll add the pins to this board so you'll be able to go back and check out EVERY neat idea. You can find the source of each pin by clicking on the link below the picture. Let's jump into the first edition of this new fun series! 

This first pin is quite possibly my favorite pin ever. My kids would LOVE this! I cannot wait to use this idea in my small group instruction next year. LOVE!

This is such a neat way to remember everything you've done throughout the year. I would love to do something like this next year. You could incorporate lots of different activities using this timeline. 

I really want my kids to be responsible for their own learning next year and I want to find a way for them to show their understanding. I've seen several different ways of doing this and I really like how Teaching for Fame and Money did this. 

We did a TON of text mapping in fifth grade this year and I want to learn more about it over the summer. Teaching My Friends has some great ideas! 

Want to see the entire collection of my weekly favorite pins? Visit the board here! :) And don't forget to check back next Sunday for new favorite pins! :)

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