One of my goals this year is to improve the rigor in my classroom. I want to move past those "right there" questions and really make my kids dig deep into the text. I've been focusing on Bloom's Taxonomy as a result and I created a resource that has really help move beyond pointing directly to the answer. I call them bloom's ladders.

Here's what each ladder looks like:
We treat it like a video game. Students place a paperclip next to each task or question. When they complete a task/question, they move the paperclip down to the next. They must "defeat" an entire level in order to move onto the next! 

As the levels increase, I only require students to complete a certain number of tasks since those tasks require more detail and/or preparation. 

With this resource, I've also created a slightly different variation called "How High Can You Go?"
Still "played" the same way, but with these all 6 Bloom's Levels are on one ladder. I have created one for plot, character, problem/solution, and comprehension. 

I've also made these higher level task cards that can be used in a number of different ways. 20 tasks are included.

A set of my Bloom's Taxonomy Posters are also included.

Want to know my favorite part of this resource? You can use it with ANY fiction text! 

Grab your copy here! :)
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