Hi friends! I wanted to share with y'all my lesson today. It went wonderfully and it's all thanks to one of my favorite bloggers Teaching With a Mountain View. Seriously y'all, if you haven't visited her blog, go clear out a couple of hours and check it out. She is amazing!

I started the lesson off with this video, which I found off Pinterest. I started by saying that I knew my kids were fifth graders and they were probably going to look at me like I thought they were in preschool, but we listened to the Sesame Street video. They LOVED it! Afterwards, they discussed with their groups what the theme of the song was and which lyrics made them come up with that conclusion (a perfect lead in to showing evidence!).

Then we did a quick group sort where we sort out main idea and theme. I snagged this fabulous freebie from Teaching With a Mountain View. You can find it here.

Then we did a few task cards together. I used these from, you guessed it, Teaching With a Mountain View. 

Once we had practiced with several together, we did some on our own, which I used for a grade. They did great and I feel like this was the best lesson I've ever done with theme, which I find to be difficult to teach sometimes.

Don't you just love when a lesson turns out well? It makes my teacher heart happy.