Do you remember how you learned prepositions? I'm sure we heard about them earlier, but I don't remember learning what they were until 9th grade! My wonderful 9th grade English teacher taught us the phrase "The rabbit ran _____ the log. If the word fits, it's most likely a preposition. I LOVE teaching this skill and teach it the same way. That little trick always stayed with me and I was certain it would help my kids, but to my surprise last year, the kids did not understand it AT ALL! This year, I started off simplier. I downloaded some cute rabbit and log clipart and had the kids write a write using a preposition in place of the blank. Then they had to illustrate the sentence. I created a preposition board to display their work so when we get into prepositional phrases they will hopefully understand it a little better. 

Now for the winner of the C. Jayne Teach Clipboard Giveaway!
Congratulations Ashley D.! 

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