Hi friends! Today we learned about prepositional phrases. Since we had already had a mini lesson on prepositions, the lesson went smoothly and we were able to get in a little "fun" practice. I feel sorry for my kids a lot of times because we have to cover SO MUCH in a very limited about of time and I feel like they never get to have any "fun learning". Today's activity worked perfectly at solving this problem!
We did the lesson on identifying prepositions and prepositional phrases and I felt like they understood this well. Now it was time for the After part of the lesson (Do y'all have tons of PD on Strategic Teaching?? I'm always thinking about Before, During and After Strategies!). I numbered the kids off and broke into groups. Once the groups were formed, I handed each group their material: chart paper and markers. I am *obsessed* with these chart tablets from Target!
For these types of group activities, I usually give the groups a piece of anchor chart paper, but that can quickly get expensive! These are smaller, but still work wonderfully! At $4.58 it's a win in my book!

I gave each group a topic like "going to the movies" or "winning the soccer championship" and they had to write 5 sentences that contain prepositional phrases about their topic. Tomorrow each group will present their sentences and the rest of the class will identify the phrases. They really got into the lesson and it also added a little writing. I did this last year, but the kids had a hard type coming up with sentences...giving groups a topic seemed to help steer them in the right direction. 

It's also good to have a table of common prepositions on hand. The practice book page served as a great reference tool. If I had been on top of things, I would have already created a cute, laminated chart for each child, but sadly I've been slacking here lately! The darn Bachelor is taking away from my working time! :)

Happy Wednesday!