If you haven't seen Rachel Lamb's post on her VIP table, then do so now. It is the neatest idea and when I first saw it on Instagram, I immediately knew that I had to create my own. 
To build anticipation, I cleared out the area in which the VIP table would go and put up caution tape. This REALLY got the kids excited!

While they were busy predicting what it was going to be, I was busy preparing for the new area. I purchased 4 black folding chairs at Target and used my Silhouette Cameo to make them VIP worthy.

I searched high and low for a table and found one that another teacher wanted to get rid of. The only problem was that it was red- my least favorite color. Seriously, I detest red in my classroom. I always navigate towards pinks and purples and red clashes with everything in my room. I knew I had to use the table, but I had to figure out a way to cover it. I remembered Jennifer used contact paper to cover her small group table and it turned out gorgeous, but y'all let me tell you: when she said it didn't damage the table, I was doubtful. I couldn't see how it couldn't possibly scratch it even a little. After doing the same with my table I discovered she was absolutely right! It peels right off! This is my new favorite way to change the tables now. 

Originally I wanted a pretty pink or blue, but I couldn't find anything even remotely close to what I was looking for and I didn't want to order online because I'm impatient and wanted it done now! In a last ditch effort I had my mom check at Fred's Dollar Store and they had 3 choices:
At first, I thought about the blue and brown, but something kept drawing me towards the black and white. Eventually I went with it and a new theme started entering my mind...

Covering the table was super simple. I ended up needing three rolls of the contact paper. After laying the paper on the top of the table, I trimmed the edges and taped them down with clear packing tape.

I covered the closet door with black bulletin board paper and added green letters that I cut from my Cameo. I am officially addicted to black bulletin boards. I never thought I'd put black in my classroom colors because I love bright colors, but I love the black now! I'm wanting to do an Alice in Wonderland classroom theme now for next year (or this year...who knows?)

Finally, I added brand new supplies like markers, pencils, and crayons. One of the perks of becoming a VIP member is that you get to use these fun supplies. :)

The purple bags are the welcome goody bag. which contain candy. Each VIP member receives a goody bag when they are invited into the area. 

The finished area:

Each morning, my kids begin class by checking their email and answering their warmup. For the 4 kids invited into the VIP area, I will sent an additional email to instructing them to come to me to receive their membership card:
Let me know if you want me to post the cards to use in your own VIP area. 

Some questions my kids had that you might have too:

How do you get into the VIP club?
By working hard and doing your best! Following directions and listening, participating in class, Real Reading, not Fake Reading

How often does the membership change?
I'm planning on leaving the kids in the area for about 3 days. You can get kicked out of VIP if you aren't doing your best. 

What are the other perks of becoming a VIP member? 
VIP's get first choice on where they sit for independent reading and their test taking spots (I let the kids sit around the room for tests instead of in their desks...try it! They work a lot better in a comfy spot!). They also get the trampoline chairs, which was the best purchase from Target:

Thanks for the neat idea, Rachel! :)