Figurative Language is one of my favorite things to teach! There are so many fun ways to teach this skill and the kids always seem to enjoy it. I wanted to share a fun little presentation that I created with a site called Nearpod. Have y'all ever heard of this site? It's a wonderful FREE presentation tool. You can check it out here. There are tons of free, already created presentations that you have access to. You can also purchase presentations or create your own. I decided to make my own so I can put in exactly what I wanted for my lesson on figurative language. You can use it too! I made a definition slide for each type of figurative language and them provided a video clip that showed an example of each type. This was their favorite part of the entire lesson and it really helped them see how that type was used in context. They were constantly referring back to the videos. You can check out my Nearpod below.

After we viewed the Nearpod presentation, we made this little foldable, which served as a study guide for the test. 

I also made these posters that serve as a visual aid and reminder. 

You can grab my figurative language foldable and posters here :)