Hey y'all! It's time for our new weekly series where I discuss favorite books. Since last week was the first in the series, I simply talked about the current favorite books in my classroom. You know, the books that had my kids talking! Today has a theme: scary stories! This is a popular type of book in my class and while I don't typically read this type, my kids have enlightened me on popular scary reads, so I thought I'd share with y'all! 

At some point this year, I received 10 free books from Scholastic with an order. Included in the 10 books was a copy of Stolen Children by Peg Kehret. I had never heard of this author, but the kids were immediately taken with this book! I have since order The Ghost's Grave and it's also a hit! Anything by this author is a win in the scare category! 

This next one is a classic, and still a beloved favorite! I was never a fan of Goosebumps (I much preferred The Baby Sitter's Club and Sweet Valley!) but my kids love them! I only have a few, but they are always checked out! 

Another favorite is this series. This was also set that I acquire from free books from Scholastic. Last year's group didn't love these, but this year's group certainly does! Isn't it funny how your classes differ from year to year? :)

One of my reluctant readers gave a book share on this next book and I was blown away by it! This girl hasn't really shown interest in a book all year and was talking nonstop about this one! Her book share was so good that it got all the other kids talking about it! Now there's a wait list for this scary book and kids are researching the author to see if she has written anything else! Love!

What are your favorite scary books in your classroom? Are scary books a hit with your kids? Comment below and let us know! :)