Hi friends! 
I posted this photo on Instagram two weeks ago before we got out for Spring Break last week. 
I wanted to wait to share until I got them back today. This is NOT my brilliant idea! It was 100% inspired by the incredibly talented Catherine from The Brown Bag Teacher. She created The Winter Break Challenge, which I discovered AFTER our break. I was so bummed that we weren't able to do it, so I made a Spring Break version. 

So what is it? Basically it's a series of fun "tasks" that require the kids to read each day. Tasks like reading with a flashlight and to a family member. Some require students to write something while others are simply reading. 

So how do you know they actually did it? Parents must sign off before the kids turn it in. 
So what are the prizes? Catherine had a great idea about creating Scholastic Gift Cards using your bonus points. I also gave away 2 small gift cards to Mcdonald's. 

My FAVORITE activity was writing to your favorite author. I'm in the process of mailing these now and I ended up having to email one and she's already emailed back!!! I cannot wait to share with the student tomorrow. BTW if Always, Abigail  and This Journal Belongs to Ratchet are popular in your classroom, the author is fabulous about quickly responding! :)

Out of 73 kids, I had 40 accept the challenge- I presented this challenge as optional. In fact, I went around to each child and asked them if they accepted the challenge. Around 45 accepted the challenge and today I had 23 turned in and several turning theirs in tomorrow. I consider that a win seeing how 23 eleven year olds made a conscious effort to read while on a break from school! :)