Hi friends! Normally by now in the summer I would have already been knee deep in my classroom makeover, but I'm not able to get back in my classroom until next week, so I don't have any makeover pics to share with y'all yet. I did want to talk and share with y'all some more stuff that's going on in my summer. :)

Liane Moritaty is quickly becoming my new favorite author. I read What Alice Forgot first and LOVED it! I finished The Husband's Secret last week and I think it was even better that What Alice Forgot. I've started Big Little Lies and it's just as good as The Husband's Secret. Have y'all read anything by this author? What should I read next? 

I finally organized my A Trait A Day unit that I made last summer. I loved using this to increase students' vocabulary and help teach character traits, but I did not do well with organizing this resource in my classroom. I printed every trait card out and placed it in this binder to keep it reusable and organized! You can check out this activity here

I am most proud of accomplishing the task of finishing the first grading period's pacing guide. I had several requests to share this after I posted the pic on Instagram. If you want a detailed post about what standards I'm teaching during the first grading period, let me know and I can write about it! :) 

I've started collecting material for the comprehension skill and strategies that I'm covering in the first grading period. I'm determined that these storage bins are going to keep me organized!

Who doesn't love a good Target Dollar Spot find?! These gift bags will go perfectly with my black and white theme!

I made over my hallway this week. You can read about it on my life+style blog Southern Belle Inspired.

Is anyone else excited about this Lifetime movie that comes on tonight? Sign me up for anything that involved Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig!