Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Typical Week in 5th grade (for me!)

Happy Thursday! Today I'm going to talk with y'all about what a typical week looks like for me. This was a question that several of y'all asked in response to my 1st grade period pacing guide post. If you haven't read that post, keep in mind:
{I am departmentalized. I teach Reading and Language Arts}
{I have 3 classes a day, as well as an enrichment class, which is made up of my homeroom class}
{Each of my classes last around an hour and 15 minutes.}

So before we get into a typical week, let's talk about what a typical day in 5th grade looks like. If you would like for me to post about what usually happens within a class period, let me know and I can share all about Status of the class, Quick Book Shares, and other routine activities!

7:45- School starts; morning announcements
7:50- PE! Yep, don't you love that first thing planning period! Which means I don't get another break ALL DAY LONG!
8:40 to 10:00-1st class. We usually don't get started until around 8:50 because everyone goes to get water and bathroom and change shoes once they get back from PE
10:00 to 10:40- enrichment. This is where my homeroom does the majority of their independent reading
10:40 to 11:05- Beginning of 2nd class. We go to lunch at 11:05 and then have the remainder of 2nd class after lunch.
11:45 to 1:00- remainder of 2nd class
1:00 to 2:20- 3rd class
2:25-2:40- Break/snack
2:45ish- Leave for buses

Like I said in an earlier post, I LOVE teaching only reading and language arts, but time is such a problem! I know it would be if I was self contained, but it was nice being able to spend more time on one subject if you needed to at some point throughout the day. Once that class period is over, those kids leave and I don't see them until the next day! And I always have to make sure I don't get too far ahead with one class or too far behind with the other. I still prefer teaching only one subject though! This way, I am able to plan a lot better. 

Okay, so let's talk weekly! This is going to be a little different than what I did last year because I'm doing a 10 day vocabulary cycle as opposed to 5 day (if you haven't read Word Nerds, do so now!). I feel like it will basically be the same though.

Monday- Read anchor text, introduce vocabulary, introduce comprehension skill/strategy
Tuesday- Vocabulary activities- practice using words in context!
Wednesday- Language Arts Day! We still doing a close read or other type of comprehension practice on this day, but the major focus on Wednesday is Language Arts
Thursday- Take Comp Check, Vocabulary Practice, Comprehension activity
Friday- Language Arts test, Spelling test, (every other Friday) vocabulary test, Reading Response letter due, Independent Reading after all that!

These are just the focus points of each day. Sometimes we might be in the middle of a bigger collaborative group project that may take up some time and the schedule has to adjust accordingly, but that's the major focuses each day. 

I'm sorry for the complete lack of pictures in this post. I wanted to share this info for those of you who asked. I haven't been back to work in my classroom this week, so I have no updates for y'all either. I'm just slacking, aren't I? :) I'm planning on working up there this week and I *hope* to accomplish the majority of the work! I'm kinda falling behind! 

Hope y'all are having a great week! :)
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  1. Hi! I was just thinking how to restructure my 5th grade class, and saw this on your blog! Perfect timing. I would love to know how you structure you class period. I teach ELA and SS. I have around an hour and 15 minutes for ELA. When do you intro spelling (and what do you use?)? What do you do on Language Arts day? Also, what do you look for in your Reading response letter? If it's too much to answer here, just email me -

    Thanks! I appreciate your willingness to share what you do. :)

  2. I also teach 5th grade ELA in 75 minute blocks. I always struggle with how to structure each class period. I am interested in knowing what a typical block looks like, the Reading Response letter, and your Language Arts day. Please copy me on the email you send to the person above or I'll look for these answers in your upcoming blog posts. Thank you for the time you take to keep us up-to-date!

  3. I'm with those ladies - I'd love answers to those questions as well :) Thanks for all you do and sharing with so many!


  4. I too, teacher three classes of ELA and am always curious how others structure their daily lessons. I sometimes struggle balancing time on task with each ELA component while assessing within a reasonable amount of time. Thank you for any insight you are able to share!

  5. Yes please elaborate on the details... and throughout the year would be amazing too... like a picture of your lesson plans. ;) i only get 60 min with each group I see. Makes it really hard to fit it all in!

  6. Are your students all on grade level? Do you have to accommodate interventions?

  7. Thanks for sharing! Would love for you to go into more detail for each day. I teach ELA and Social studies and I have 105 minutes for ELA.

  8. I'm with all of the above, would love more details about how you structure each class period. I'll have 90 minutes for ELA and Reading with each class everyday (though not always in a row, sometimes split into 2 45 minute sessions) and I'm starting to roughly plan out the structure of each day. So much to get in!! Thank you for being so helpful! :)

    Email is if that is easier. Thank you!!

  9. This is my first year teaching just reading. Like you I have 3 reading classes for 90 mins. What does your first week look like? Do you instruct guided reading groups? Thanks!

  10. Please, the more info the better!!!! I teach Reading and my co-teacher teaches the Language, Grammar and Writing both of us are using Reading Street. Here's the kicker... I only have 54 minutes per class! I just cannot seem to figure anything that works well for that time period with the RS series. I love everything you do and hope you'll share more about how you incorporate Reading Street. I'm open to anyone and everyone's advice. I've been teaching with Reading Street for the past ten years and HATE IT. I hoped the new version would be better but I still hate it. It's really starting to get to me and I'm feeling serious burnout. My email is jessicacurrierjames Thank you so much for all you do, Leslie Ann.

  11. I would love to know the answers to all of the above questions (if that is at all possible-LOL), especially Renee's. Also, when you teach a novel, do you read it together or do you have them do the reading on their own? Thanks so much!!
    My email is

  12. I would also like more information on your day. I am also a 90 minute for ELA but it is a 45 minute split.

  13. I would like to be included in all the above as well! Especially enrichment ideas!

  14. Im a first year teacher and I'm teaching ELA and Reading. 5th grade for 75 minutes, and 6th grade for 105 minutes. And my major was social studies education. So I'm new to the ELA world and NEED help. Feel free to email me. I appreciate any help or advice you have.

  15. I'd love to see how you run each class period! I have 65-70 minutes for ELA. I teach 3 classes throughout the day. I'd love to have somewhat of a set schedule each day (for the most part).