I am so excited to have these back to school comp files DONE and UPLOADED! This is one of my favorite resources. They are great for practicing how to show evidence! You'll get 10 nonfiction passages and 5 fiction passages. My evidence bookmarks are also included in this unit. You can grab your copy here! :)


Do y'all have that one piece of furniture in your classroom that gets a makeover each summer? I got this chair from one an aunt of one of my little girls in my first class back in 2009 (what?! I've been teaching for six years????). She was a retired teacher and she gave me a ton of stuff from her classroom, including this chair. I don't have a picture of what it originally looked like. That was a year before I started blogging so of course I didn't take pictures! :) But originally it was grey with a grey seat. You can see the original seat color when I took the fabric off.
I started spray painting the chair and covering the seat of it. It's been purple, pink, and navy blue. And now it's turquoise! This version is my favorite so far! 
Here's the before. When I moved to fifth grade, I went with a navy blue/pink theme because I didn't want to "over pink" the room. Plus, I imagined 5th graders to be like high schoolers and I was worried my 1st grade style would appear babyish.
I quickly learned that 5th graders are still kids, too and loved bright colors! Since I'm incorporating a lot of black into the room this year I  bought some black and white stripe fabric to cover the seat. 
First, I unscrewed the cushion.

I flipped it over to remove the current fabric.

Now we have the original cover. Yuck!

It's about to get better though! Disregard that ugly staple gun. I forgot mine in my classroom, so I had to borrow my dad's. And we talk about how pretty that fabric is?? I may or may not have used it to make the curtains for the classroom!

I laid the fabric down and placed the cushion on top. 

I started folding fabric and stapling as I went along. 

It's okay if it bunches up in the corners. They will be fixed soon. 

When everything is stapled, I just cut the access. 

Now it's time to screw the cushion back on.

And now we have new chair!

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