Happy weekend, y'all! This week has been crazy busy! My grandmother had surgery on Monday and finally came home from the hospital yesterday, so posting has been difficult this week and I ended up skipping yesterday, but it's all good! :) I worked in my classroom until around 9:30 last night and it's finnnalllly starting to come together. There's still a million and one things to do, but I'm starting to see some of the projects complete! 
Here's day 6!
I finally got all those books placed on the shelf. It's on my list to organize them, but that hasn't happened yet. I'm just proud to have them on shelves at this point! I'm not leaving those on the top...I just have to rearrange! 

I love the idea of using book covers to decorate boards. I'm always trying to come up with ways to make my kids love to read and get excited about books! Plus, book covers are so pretty, so it's a win win!

I'm starting to see the end of the small group table! Yay!

I walked into my classroom one day and found 5 boxes piled high atop a group of desks. I got those unpacked last night and now they are messing up my VIP area! I feel like I'm just moving junk around until it's all placed somewhere. Do y'all ever feel like that? #teacherproblems

I haven't added the title of this board, but it will display all our skills and strategies posters for the first grading period, which I still have to make! At least the first two are up! 

Yep, this area still looks bad, but look at that clean board! All ready for boarder now! :)

My classroom instantly felt cozier when I got the books out. These were some of last year's favorites. I can't read to share these with my new kids! :)

Evidence board is halfway complete! Evidence term posters are a freebie here!

I was so excited to get this board done, but when I went to put up the title, I realized I had made it way too small. So I'm going to have to recreate one that is bigger. It happens sometimes! You can read about how I make my titles here. :)

Still so much to do, but it's starting to come together! :)