Happy Monday! Y'all may remember this post where I told y'all I was teaming up with The Mailbox Company to share with y'all the fabulous features of their new Mailbox Gold tool. Today I want to share how I use that to create an effective homework plan for 5th grade.

I found several fantastic options for homework on The Mailbox Gold and I'm so excited to share them with y'all today! :) 
The best part? There are several printables that are common core aligned! :) 

I LOVE the passages with questions and activities. This would be a perfect homework assignment after close reading the passage together in class.  

We all have those kids that need a little extra organizing. A little notebook that they write their assignments down each day always helps and The Mailbox Gold has these great assignments sheets that would work for any grade! :)

When there's a writing assignment that is due on a certain day, students have to work on it a little at home in order to get it completed and handed in on time. Since they don't have all my anchor charts and writing words in their house, I like to send home a reference sheet like this one! :) 

Reading is SO important to do at home each night! If I asked every 5th grader if they read at home, their response would be "Of course!" :) They need a little responsibility to make sure they are doing that, so I like to send home a record that they are responsible for filling out.
And this isn't homework, but since independent reading is SO important in 5th grade (and every grade!) I sometimes like to require a reflective reading response to make sure they are actually reading. These printables are fabulous! 

I LOVE the bookmarks found on The Mailbox Gold tool! I didn't realize 5th graders loved bookmarks so much, but mine always fly off the shelves! I love the vocabulary one that they are actually responsible for filling in! :)

You can find these printables (and tons more!) on The Mailbox Gold! Go check it out now! :)

Happy Monday, y'all! :)