Happy Sunday! I wanted to pop in quickly and share how I make my titles for bulletin boards. I got several questions about this after posting my vocabulary board. 
For those who asked, the font on this title is KG Shake if Off chunky

Creating titles is super easy! I sometimes use my Silhouette Cameo to cut the letters out, but if you don't have one, don't worry! You can simply type the title in a Word document and print it out. 

Step 1:  Determine what you want the board title to be and the font. I usually open up a Powerpoint or Word document and type out the title to see what it will look like. That way I can see which font I prefer. 
I'm currently working on my evidence board, so that's where the picture is from :)

Step 2: Print it out or cut it out if you are using a cutting machine like the cameo, which I highly recommend! 
Tip! Remember this is going on a board, so it needs to be big! I usually start out at around 300pt. 

Step 3: Chances are if you are making the title bigger, it isn't going to fit on the same paper. Not a problem! Just cut and paste. 

Step 4: Laminate before cutting! Laminating it makes it look like an actual sign, so don't skip this step. 

Step 5: Cut it out. I usually scallop my titles, but this is just my preference. You can leave it or use pinking shears. Be creative! 

Step 6: Place on your boards! If you are working with a cider block wall, I recommend sticking the sign with clear packing tape first before hot glueing if that's how you get your boards to stay. This way you can reposition if the title isn't centered. If you are placing the sign on the paper, use desk tape. It easily comes off and won't tear the paper. 

Tip! Use fun fonts to create your titles! I NEVER use the fonts that come standard in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint. There are millions of gorgeous free fonts all over the internet! My favorites are KG Fonts and Hello Fonts. 

Here are some of my past boards so you can see the different titles. If you want to know a certain font, leave a comment and I'll see if I can remember it :) 

These are from my first grade days :) :)

Hope this helps! Happy Sunday! :)