Happy Wednesday friends! Today (actually yesterday) was suppose to be about the last chapter of the Word Nerd book study, but I wanted to share the reading response letters and syllabus since so many of you asked about it. I'll post my chapter 8 thoughts tomorrow (hopefully!) BUT Heather and I are having a giveaway that is happening now! Be sure and enter at the end of this post! :)Okay, first things first! I've uploaded my reading response letters that I have the kids write every Friday. 

In this letter, they will write a letter to me about their current book. The letters must be a page in length. They will tell me their thoughts and opinions on the book. I have created a 'book' for each of my students where they will write their letter to me each Friday. There are pages for every Friday throughout the school year, so there are 40 writing templates. I've done this for the past two years and I have decided on a book format this year for several reasons:*It will help get them in the habit on writing this after the tests. They can just go and grab their's from the shelf and get comfy and write!*It's more organized! They usually just cram their letter back in their binder when I hand it back. Now it will be in their 'book'.* They (and I! and their parents!) can see their writing improvement throughout the year. <------THE BEST PART!!!* Their own book makes it a little more "fun"* They can reread past letters and reflect back on their thinking and their experience with that particular book. You can get them here.

I'm not uploading my syllabus because it won't be perfect for everyone's classroom. We don't all do the same things! I'm just going to post it as pictures so you can see what is in mine. I go over this with the students the first day, but it is also for the parents. If you'll notice, I require the students AND the parents to sign off on this. I still have to tweak it a bit, but here it is. :)

Be sure to enter the giveaway that Heather and I are throwing!