Happy Wednesday, y'all! Today means I officially have two weeks left in my summer vacation. I'm crying! I'm excited about the new school year and I can't wait to start implementing some of my summer projects, but I love being home and not stressing over everything teaching brings!

Today's post is all about testing! I'm going to share with y'all my testing info that happens in my classroom throughout the year. Sounds fun, right? Let's get started!

Let's start with benchmark testing. Lots of you asked if we take the PARCC. No. I don't really know anything about that test. We take the Aspire test in the Spring. I'm not sure if it's like the PARCC or not, but it's a week long testing event. Fun, Fun!

We take the STAR Reading test in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. This is what I use to determine groups and Tier II/III intervention. This benchmark assessment is my favorite and what I look at the most.  It's part of Accelerated Reader, so it gives my kids their reading level for checking out AR books. We don't do Lexile level at my school, but I wish we did!
While there are 3 testing windows for STAR Reading, I tend to give it more often, like once a month. I like for my kids to see their progress and I feel like 3 times a year is too little. They are well aware of their scale score and like to try and "beat it" each time! Whatever works, right? :)

I'm going to break this category down a little bit because there's a lot to it. Let's talk about subjects:

I'm doing this a little differently next year because of my vocabulary. Last year, we would take the reading test on Friday and vocabulary was the first part. This year, I'm not always going to use the basal and I'm doing a 10 day vocabulary cycle, so vocabulary will be different.  

This year, we are going to have reading tests on Thursday, but I'm calling them Comp checks, because all they are doing is testing comprehension. Vocabulary tests will be at the end of every 10 day cycle. Vocabulary words will come from the anchor text, whether that's a novel or a weekly selection from Reading Street.

Where do the reading tests (or Comp Checks) come from? The basal series (Reading Street)! Even though there are a lot of cons with a basal series, I do really love these two resources. We use the Fresh Reads to practice close reading. There are strategic level, on level, and advanced passages, which come in handy for guided reading/small groups. 

There is a written portion for each passage with the fresh reads, which is really handy when it comes to practicing how to show evidence. I require every written response to have an evidence prompt. My kids have evidence bookmarks they can refer to, as well as our evidence board.
You can grab a free copy of the evidence terms here! This is the most "used" board in my classroom. My kids are constantly referring to it!

The evidence bookmarks come in my Comp Files resource. I'm working on making this a monthly resource. Currently January is available. I love these because they require text based evidence responses. I like using these as homework assignments, too!

Language Arts tests are every Friday. These are usually 10 question tests that require students to identify the kind of sentence or split the subject and predicate. Just whatever the skill is. I'm currently working on lessons for each language arts skill in the first grading period. Here's a pic of what I'm teaching the first part of the school year. 
As I said in my Typical Week post, we focus mainly on the language arts skill every Wednesday. I usually do a review activity on Thursday, and test on Friday. 

Spelling is not the main focus in my class. Is it important? Of course. But with everything else we have to cover in my Reading/Language Arts class, I don't make a lot of time for this area. I give them their words on Monday, we do some sort of sheet on them at some point in the week and then we test on Friday. I do love incorporating the words into our writing activities. 

Did I miss something that you still have a question about? Leave a comment below and I'll try and answer it! :)