Heather and I are back for chapter 4 thoughts. You can read Heather's thoughts here

Obviously, I loved this book enough to write a post on each chapter, but chapter 4 is where it really started to get good in my opinion! 
Chapter 4 is called "Squeezing the Juicy Words-Adding Synonyms and Antonyms. I always assumed I was doing enough when we would briefly chat about similar and opposite words for the weekly vocabulary words, but I never thought about making those such a big part of the week's vocabulary study. When I read this chapter, it made so much more sense that these words should be discussed and actually used in daily classroom conversation! 

The controlling teacher in me really wants to go ahead and fill out all the 3 column vocabulary charts with an official synonym and antonym for each vocabulary word, but essentially that's just giving them another vocabulary word. It is SO MUCH MORE effective to let the students collaborate and brainstorm their OWN synonyms and antonyms and have the class determine an official synonym/antonym for each vocabulary word.  This allows them to take ownership of each vocabulary word. 
See the picture of that student recording the official class synonym for that vocabulary word....love! 

Another part of this chapter that I LOVED was the velcro and juicy words!!!!! Velcro words are more challenging words that stick to the students' brain! Juicy words are really interesting, impressive words. Doesn't that just make increasing your vocabulary more fun?? 

The last part of chapter 4 discussed Vocabulary Lanyards, which are actually shown on the cover of the book. I was immediately interested in these when I looked at the cover of the book, so I was glad they were mentioned in this chapter! 
I had never heard of the term "lanyard" before. Look at that! Words Nerds is teaching me new words! :) :) I've always called them badges, so that's what I'll call them in my classroom.
In the book, the two teachers have students wear a lanyard that contains a vocabulary word, synonym, or antonym during class. Groups are formed using these words as well as other activities. I loved, loved, loved this idea! I immediately headed to amazon to purchase my own lanyards!

I'm so excited about using these next year! 

Now it's time for a freebie!! I've made editable templates that fit these exact badges! I can't guarantee that they will fit other badge holders, but if you get the ones from above, they work! I've included 4 different options if you prefer ones without clipart :) 

You can grab your free editable template to create these fabulous vocabulary badges here

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