It's time for Chapter 7 of Word Nerds, y'all! Be sure and check out Heather's thoughts! 
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Chapter 7 is called "Spreading Vocabulary Wings" and I took away two things from it: a couple of new ideas and a lot of good book recommendations! I'm sharing what stuck out with me today!

Crystal Ball Words
This is a great activity to use to teach Greek and Latin Roots (which I always find SO hard to teach!). The book includes a graphic organizer to use with this activity. Students identify the prefix, suffix, and root word and determine the definition of each of those to discover the meaning of the word. Love!

Pirate Talk
This activity uses the book Pirate Pete's Talk Like a Pirate. One of the teachers read the book to her class and came up with an activity using 'pirate talk' in which the kids 'translate' the sentences that are written in pirate language using their vocabulary words. I LOVE this idea! How fun would it be to do on National Talk Like A Pirate Day! :) :)

My favorite part of this chapter was all the book recommendations they gave and how it was good to use for vocabulary instruction. Below are some of my favorite picks that are currently on my Amazon wish list!

This is the book that goes along with the pirate vocabulary above. :)

I am so excited about this one! My kids and I are big fans of Lemony Snicket and this one looks fabulous. There's even a book trailer that would be fun to show the kids prior to reading. I've included it below!

This one is great to use for teaching context clues!

I do this one as a read aloud throughout the year and we create our own word jars. This is a great one!! :)

David Wiesner...need I say more? 

This one reminds me of The Boy Who Loved Words, which is one of my favs! 

                                                                   The Odious Ogre
I'm also really excited about this one! I love books that include rich adjectives, because my kids often are lacking in vocabulary! This makes it easy to expose them to more words in a fun way.

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I'll be back with my thoughts on the final chapter on Sunday!
Happy Friday Eve! :) :)