Hey y'all! Do you ever wait 'til the last minute to do something? I do this ALL the time. I don't feel like I do it intentionally, but it's just that inspiration doesn't strike until right before something is due. (That's what I keep telling myself!) Case in point: This summer's classroom decorating. I have gone to the classroom a total of maybe 5 times and stayed for less than 2 hours each time. I just haven't gotten much done and what's worse is I kept putting it off! I'd always find something else I wanted to do. When I went back to work Thursday, I got worried, y'all! I worked Thursday and today and it's all done with the exception of a few minor details. Here's a little update for y'all!
I call this the organization corner. I am determined to be organized this year, y'all! I plan on updating this goal here on the blog to keep myself accountable! 

The file folders contain my strategic teaching lessons for language arts and the clear containers hold my comprehension supplies. You can read about that here and here

I'm waiting to unbox Chromebooks tomorrow. They will be stored to the right and then this corner will be complete!

So, I've made the evidence title, but the word 'evidence' just didn't look right, so I'm recreating it for the THIRD time! Parent night is tomorrow, so I'm down to the wire!!

I was about to toss these two shoe organizers from Wal Mart when my brilliant mom came up with this fabulous idea of using them to store classroom magazines! I love how they look here. Kinda like a doctor's office waiting room! 

Yay! The classroom library is complete!

The VIP area board will display my VIP's pictures as they are inducted into the club. I'm not sure what I'm going to use that polka dotted board for yet. 

You can read more about the VIP Area here

I love displaying books wherever I can. Even though I teach 5th grade, I still have many picture books in my classroom. They are great for teaching certain skills. For example, we use Quick as a Cricket during our lesson on similes , and Eloise and Shrek provide fantastic examples for teaching character traits. Plus, the kids love them! 

Whoever came up with the idea of using Washi Tape to mark off boxes instead of ribbon is a genius! 

I ditched the teacher desk and went with my small group table this year. It freed up a ton of space and I like the look of it! :) 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! :)