Hi friends? Can you hear me crying? Today is my last day of summer! I'm trying to make the most of it by being extra lazy and getting in lots of reading and Netflix, but I wanted to share with y'all what's inside my comprehension bins since a lot of you have been asking. I shared what I'm teaching the first grading period here, so after I decided the skills, I went in search of resources! 

For story elements, I created a unit filled with resources. Lots of times I do this and then forget to actually use it! So, after I created it, I printed it out and bound it into a book so I won't forget!

You can check them out here.

Sadly I'm still looking for resources on summarizing. I'd love to hear your thoughts and favorite resources! :)

Up next is Figurative Language. 

I got this from Erin Cobb. I love this resource!

Moving onto Theme

This is one of my resources. It has 10 passages in it that are written to identify the theme of a text. 

If I have a good text from another resource I also included it in the bin. This set from Storyworks will be our anchor text that week. I love that the vocabulary is already selected in these texts and activities are included for them. 

Characterization is what we will be starting off the year with. It's also my favorite thing to teach so I can't wait to share with y'all what fun activities we are doing!

I went ahead and put my Comp Files in this bin so I wouldn't forget them. I like assigning these for homework and since that's our first official week, I wanted to make sure and organize them into the rotation. 

Since we are also beginning Frindle, I included my novel guide for it.

And a book copy (my teacher copy where I make notes), along with the vocabulary words. 

How many of y'all are still in summer mode? Who's already gone back? Let me know in a comment below. :)