Friday, August 7, 2015

Five for Friday

It was a happy mail day today! I ordered a bunch of planner stickers from Etsy shops last week and they arrived today! I cannot wait to start using them! I might do a sticker haul later on... :)

How cute is this little piece of furniture? I found it in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby for under $20! I'm planning on putting our favorite books on this one once the kids come and we determine our favorites :)

I am obsessed with this pink tumbler from Starbucks, y'all! Obsessed. 

Feedbacks like this make me happy and so thankful! :) 

Y'all know how I love my planner supplies. When I discovered the paperclips on Etsy, I about died! Is this pineapple paperclip not the absolute cutest thing you've ever seen? Yes, I am that excited about a paperclip. You can find it from this adorable little Etsy shop called Tied Stitches. I want one of everything!


  1. Planner stickers are my biggest weakness right now! Have you discovered the FB group, The Planners Etsy Market? It's a group of Etsy sellers that do collective sales. I love the pineapple clip!! I bought pineapple Post-it notes the other day and thought of you. 😀

    1. Oh my goodness I just joined that group! I have been searching for that pineapple post it forever and finally found it Thursday! I was so excited lol! :)