Thanks for the adorable button, Kacey

Happy Monday, friends! This is my last official Monday off and I'm spending it working away on Strategic Teaching Lessons for Language Arts! 
These are currently available:

And I'm currently working on these:
Helping and Main Verbs
Simple, Compound, and Complex sentences
Common, Proper, and Collective Nouns

Since today and tomorrow are definitely the right time to stock up on resources for the year, I thought I'd share with y'all my favorites. I'll also share what resources I bought later this week! :)

My best selling resource is my Bloom's Ladders. I love these for several reasons
* They increase students' thinking...HOTS!
* They can be used with ANY text!
* They are "played" as a video game concept making it fun and engaging for kids! You have to complete all the tasks in order to "defeat" the level and move up!

I also love my Think Mats because these can be used with any text! Plus, the file folders are really pretty! :)
My Comp Files might be my favorite resource yet! This will be a monthly resource. Currently Aug/Sept and January are available

I also have several comprehension packs which include passages designed to help kids identify the topic.

If you're looking to stock up for the entire year, now's the time to purchase my warm ups for the entire year (180 activities!) and my A Trait A Day resource 

Happy Shopping! :)