Sunday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week because that means it's planning time! I've realized I LOVE using this Day Designer planner from Target to plan out my teaching week because I get to decorate it using washi tape and sticky notes AND it helps me be more organized in my teaching. Here's this week's planner spread. Visual plans can be found at the bottom of this post :)

I'm already behind where I'd hope to be after last week, but it happens! We were on short schedule Tuesday due to a school event and we took the STAR Reading Benchmark assessment that day, so I basically had a 4 day teaching week. Since that's all we did Tuesday, we didn't get started on our vocabulary journals. I had planned on doing 2 chapters a day in Frindle, but I quickly realized that some of us needed to go at a slower rate, so we are only at chapter 5. It's all good though! I'm still really pleased with what we covered last week and how next week is looking. 

My BIG goal is to start small groups, but that's always my struggle with time. I'm hoping to, but it might not happen until we can get into more of a routine. 

You can grab a free copy of The Potato Chip Champ QR Code Questions here and you can find the story online for free here.

Hope you have a great week next week! :) :)

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