Hi friends! I cannot tell you how excited I am to begin a "real week" next week! My kids came back on Wednesday, so last week was all about procedures and routines. Not that we've mastered that by any means, but it'll get there! I'm ready to dive in and get started with actual reading! 

Sundays on Life in Fifth Grade will be dedicated to sharing my weekly plans. Kinda like Deedee's visual plans link up, mixed with all the Plan With Me videos on Youtube. If you read this post, then you know I've become obsessed with decorating my Erin Condren Life Planner this summer and I LOVE watching all the videos of people decorating them on Youtube. I had no idea that hobby even existed! 

I don't own the EC Teacher Planner. I want it, but I haven't splurged yet...let me know if I should! I bought this Day Designer from Blue Sky at Target to use to plan out my weeks. 
These are not my lesson plans...it just helps me plan out what each day will look like. I'm also showing y'all my visual plans. :)

Since this is the first week and Tuesday will be a short schedule due to the football scrimmage game in the afternoon, I will not be starting small groups. We will take STAR Reading sometime this week and I won't begin groups until after I get those scores since that's how I group my kids. So this week is whole group every day. I am determined to get a routine established with small groups since I majorly struggled with this last year, but next week is just not going to work out. 
I'll share how I teach character traits using Harry Potter later this week. I posted during the Word Nerds book study that I was struggling to come up with a vocabulary journal routine. I'm trying something this week and I'll post how it goes. :)
You can find the BDA Lesson, Comp Files, Frindle Guide, and Reading Response Letters in my TpT store. :) 

If you share your visual plans, I want to know! Leave me a comment below! And also link up with Mrs. Wills!