Happy weekend, friends! I'm talking strategic teaching today. This is big in my district. Strategic teaching is when you use Before, During, and After strategies to make the most of your lessons. I've been working hard on creating what I call BDA lessons to use during our weekly Language Arts days. I've had a lot of questions asking what I do to teach language arts. This is it!
So, let's look back at my 1st grading period skills for language arts. This is what we'll be covering the first part of the year:
So what I've done is taken each skill and created a strategic teaching lesson on it. Each lesson has a Before, During, and After activity and objective. These can be done over a span of a few days or in one day. I'll be teaching Language Arts on Wednesday (I wish I could spend more than one day on this subject, but there's just too much reading to get it!), so each lesson will be taught in one day.
So, let's take a look at what's included. 
There's the objective for each part of the lesson.

And there's the lesson objective for the entire lesson, aligned to CCRS

Each lesson also comes with Youtube Links to enhance knowledge of the content. 

Each lesson had different activities in the Before, During, and After stage, but every Before activity is a group activity. This promotes collaboration and engages the students in the lesson. 

Each During stage includes some sort of foldable or study guide that students can use to study for the test. I struggle with that a lot. Sometimes I make the lessons too interactive and the students end up with nothing to physically take home and study. This takes care of that!

And the after portion includes an assessment to test the students' knowledge! This can be used as a formative or summative assessment. 

You can get the following BDA lessons now:

I'm currently working on:
4 Types of Sentences
Independent and Dependent Clauses
Main and Helping Verbs
Simple, Compound, and Complex Sentences
Common, Proper, and Collective Nouns

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