Okay, you know it's been a BUSY first two days back when you've taken a grand total of ONE picture! One picture people. That's pitiful. I'm ashamed! It has been a whirlwind past two days. Not bad. Just incredibly busy! Remember this post when I had planned to begin Chrome books (laptops) the second day. Well, I got the great idea that if we could push it and start setting those up the first day it would great. It was, but boy did it make for a rushed day! I didn't have a single second to even think about snapping a pic! All we've done is gone over the syllabus, filled out the student interest survey, and practiced emailing so you haven't missed much! 

So here is my one pic! I really want to understand my class as readers and how they view themselves as readers. I made this simple little chart and gave everyone a post it and told them to place it where they thought best described them. I was pleasantly surprised to look up and see every single post it on the reader side. I'll take it! :)

We also selected our first book from the classroom library today and I was so excited to get back to talking about books! I gave a book share on The Crossover and all 5 of my copies were immediately checked out! Here's a tip: when telling kids about a new book, read the first page! I read the first page of The Crossover where it introduces Filthy McNasty and his long dreads and mentions Lebron James and Kevin Durant and the kids were begging to read more!! :) 

In other news, I was so exhausted from the first day of school yesterday that I went and treated myself to Logan's for supper. And I didn't feel one bit guilty for all the bread I consumed! :)

Happy almost Friday, y'all!! :) :)