Happy Saturday! I haven't posted all week and I hate that! We had our first full week of class this week and I was super busy and failed to keep up with the blog. I'll do better next week! :)
At my school, we use STAR Reading (part of Renaissance Learning) as our benchmark assessment. We take the assessment during the screening dates in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. I love this test because it allows me to see what areas the students are struggling in and which areas they've mastered. There's a ton I don't know about this program/assessment and it's my goal this year to better understand it. 
We took the fall assessment this past week so now I know where my students stand. Once all your students have taken the test, you can generate a report that shows which students have 'benchmarked', which are placed 'on watch', which scored under 'intervention' and which fall into 'urgent intervention'. We then use these scores to determine which students need to be placed into Tier II and Tier III for RTI. 
I need a visual and although the chart that the report generates is great, I hate to admit it, but I'll simply print it out and stick it in a folder. I need to actually do something with it to help me understand the needs of my students. I decided to create this chart to help me see what my students needs are a little bit better. Of course, I made fake names for the purpose of these pictures due to privacy, but this is how I use the chart. I color coded using Post It Flags and wrote each students' name on them. This way when we take the Winter Assessment, I can simply move the students into whatever category they scored and see if any progress has been made. 
Do you recognize the names? The first person to comment below correctly identifying all the shows from the names wins a resource from my store! :)

Those precision pens are my new favorite pen. I bought a pack of 5 on a whim last night at TJ Maxx for $3.99 and I LOVE them! And aren't those target dividers gorgeous?! Gotta love the Dollar Spot!
Let me know if you want this chart and I'll share! :) 

Don't forget to check out last week's visual plans. I'll be sharing next week's tomorrow!