Hi friends! It's Sunday, so that means it's time for another Plan with Me post! Here are my plans for the week of Halloween! :) Any resources mentioned will be linked at the bottom of this post. Hope everyone has a wonderful week! :)

I've had a lot of questions about my lesson planner. It's actually an agenda! I love using planners/agendas for my lesson plans because it makes it more fun! I got mine at Target. It's the Blue Sky Daily Designer. :) The paperclips were a DIY project! :)

Here's the visual plans for the week. I've started using my skill passage packs as an individual activity, which takes longer to get through but I like that I can see which students are struggling and which ones get it. I copy each passage (there are 10 included) and make a "book" for each student and we work our way through the passages. 

This is from my Teaching Theme pack

Resources Used:
Quick Draws (Free!) I blogged about how I use these here