Hi friends! I'm currently on Fall Break and loving it! As you can see, we get a two day Fall Break this week, so it's a short week. I'm using this week to extend our learning of determining the theme of a fiction text. Last week we learned how to do this and I tried a different way of using my Teaching Theme resource that I really liked! Instead of printing and laminating each story and posting them around the room and having kids partner up and work on each text, I made a little book and copied enough for each student (per class, so I made a class set of books).
Using these texts (which were written specifically for determining the theme) we made a table in a Google doc and listed the title of each passage and determined the theme. We did the first 3 together and then they were responsible for the rest. This worked out really well! I was excited to finally start using Google Classroom, which was so easy to use! Love, love, love! Do you use Google Classroom? I'd love to hear ideas!

So here's the plan for this week! I'm using Rachel Lynette's theme task cards for iWork (independent work) while I work with small groups composed of students who struggled with theme from last week. We are also on short schedule this Friday, so that will be used to start on vocabulary journals, which I promise I'll post about! It's just been busy, busy! 

Aren't these pencils adorable? Target Dollar Spot is just the best! :)

I included this after taking pictures, but we are also working with two passages included in my October Comp Files. Since our first assignment in Google Classroom worked so well, I'm going to post reading response questions and have them submit their work that way. It makes it so easy to grade and return back to the kids! Let me know if you want to hear more about Google Classroom!

Also, I will share and post my No Abandon Book Challenge later this week. Last week became too busy and I decided to wait until this week since it was a three day, more laid back kind of week! :)

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