Hi friends! I meant to post last night, but the night got away from me, so here we are today! Better late than never, though! Here's this week's visual plans. I don't have the digital version, but you get the idea! I'm playing around with creating a Haiku Learning site for my class and working on understanding Google Classroom better, so I hope to post about those two sites later this week. We had a ton of technology training this past year and learned a lot of neat sites to use! 

Time is a huge problem for me again this year (surprise!), so I'm trying something new this week and spending the entire time in whole group on Monday and Tuesday and then meeting with small groups on Wednesday and Thursday while students do iWork (independent work). Hopefully that will help me get in some small group time! 

I'm also introducing my No Abandon Book Challenge this week because we are having a HUGE problem with abandoning book after book and not finishing anything! Let me know if you want to hear more about the challenge :)

Comp Files (October) You can find Aug/Sept here

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