Hi friends! Today I'm sharing how I use The Mailbox Gold Toolkit to incorporate writing into my daily schedule. Let me tell you: I majorly struggle with teaching writing. I teach Reading, Conventions (grammar), and Spelling and I have 3 classes everyday for roughly 1 hr and 15 minutes. Writing is often overlooked because there simply isn't enough time to fit everything in!

I try to include writing in our lessons each day, but on Fridays we usually do Rain Reading where students find a comfy spot somewhere in the classroom and write about a certain topic. I love using The Mailbox Gold Toolkit to find writing topics. 

I like to sometimes give the students choices about what to write and this printable provides fantastic writing prompts that are designed to get kids thinking, writing, and justifying their responses!

I also love all the writing prompts that you can use for different seasons/holidays or anytime!

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