Hi friends! I'm back with another freebie today! Does your school use Star Reading as an assessment? (If so, be sure and check out this post!)There are 3 screening dates throughout the school year (fall, winter, and spring) and we took the winter benchmark back during the first week of December. I feel like there's too much time in between those screening dates, so I usually test mine (as a group) once in between. Today we took the test so I could see how much growth (or lack thereof!) my students have made since the beginning of school. I was really pleased with my kids' scores! I ran the growth report to see the numbers and realized how valuable this information would be to parents. Yes, I know there are many reports, including a Parent Report, that you can print off and share with the parents, and I send those home, but I like sending this kind of "report" home for several reasons:

1) It's easier for parents to understand
2) I feel like they are more likely to look at it since I have written comments on it (Plus, they are required to sign off on it!)
3) It allows me to think about each student and reflect on their learning. If I just print off a report and hand it out, I don't have as good of an opportunity.
No, I don't teach Jim and Pam :) I just wanted to show y'all an example of one filled out. 

I thought I'd share if y'all want to use it! Click here to grab your copy! Let me know if you want a math version and I can post that too! :)