Hi friends! Do you use literature circles in your classroom? I always seem to forget about how wonderful they are until around this time of year and then I'm kicking myself that I waste the first part of the year not using them! I find literature circles especially beneficial during a novel study, but they can be used with pretty much everything (weekly stories, passages, etc.)

I decided it was time to spice up my literature circles to make them exciting again. Here's what I did!

In order to make the jobs or roles of each student a little more fun, I decided to create little badges for them to wear. You can get the plastic buttons at Michaels or here

Then I redesigned the Job Description sheets. I love the look of just text!

Now, you could just pass these sheets out to your students, but I'm loving the idea of using file folders!

I ALWAYS stock up on the Target Dollar Spot file folders and let's face it, I'm always looking for an excuse to incorporate them into a project. I LOVE how well these work out! Simply tape the description sheet to the left and make copies of the role sheet and place to the right. 

I also decided to create tubs for each group to hold any supplies the kids might need. Of course, I had to make a label!

You can find all of these resources in my Literature Circles unit here