Happy Weekend, y'all! I'm joining my sweet friend Kacey's weekly Five for Friday link up this week. I missed the actual Friday part, so it's a Saturday edition...better late than never! ;)

I currently have 13 school days left before summer vaca starts. 13 days, people. I felt absolutely no guilt in yesterday's snack decisions. I'm tired. The kids are tired. There's one hundred and one school events crammed into the last two weeks that I don't have any "normal" days left, but I do have one more group of teachers coming to watch a lesson...the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL! I feel sour patch kids, kisses, and a regular Coke was very much needed! :)

I'm dying to read this book after one of my kids came in this week and declared it as her favorite book of the school year. I can't keep it on my desk long enough to read it myself, but that's a good problem to have in my book! :)


I'm so glad I went ahead back in March and hired someone to build my deck. I can't wait to spend summer nights out here! 


Meet Libby! My mom's new, teeny tiny yorkie. She's the cutest, y'all! Reese is very jealous and won't have anything to do with her when she comes to visit and Libby is dying to play with Reese LOL. 


We are getting SO MUCH BETTER at short answer reading responses using TBE (text based evidence). I am so proud of my kids responses. Most of us are doing it on our own without even having to be reminded. Love! 

You can share your Five for Friday (even if it is on a Saturday!) here

Happy weekend, y'all!