Hi friends! Are y'all surviving?? I know I pretty much skipped the entire month of April blogging, but if you follow me on Instagram, then you saw some of the fun things we've been doing in class. I've just been lazy and haven't blogged. I seriously can't wait to start back with daily blogging throughout the summer like I did last summer. I LOVED talking with y'all and sharing ideas! :) :) 

Since Mother's day is coming up, I thought I'd share a quick and easy activity with y'all. Confession: Since coming to 5th grade 3 years ago, I've never done a Mother's day activity for the kids. I know! I'm ashamed of myself as I type this. In my defense, time simply doesn't allow for it. This week we are on a short schedule several days due to school events, so I thought it would work out perfectly to do a Mother's day activity. I wanted something simple, easy, and quick!

I LOVE directed drawings and even though they are generally used in the younger grades, my fifth graders LOVE them! This was the first one we've done this year, but last year we did a dinosaur directed drawing when we read a informational text on dinosaurs. It's nice to draw and color every once and a while because we work so hard throughout the year. Plus, May Day is tomorrow and we pretty much can't concentrate on anything. #4moreweeks

So, we created our drawings and the kids colored them. Then, they came and got a writing template from me. Now, everyone's situation is different and I didn't want the kids whose mother wasn't in their life to feel uncomfortable or left out or sad, so I created a template for "Grandmother Moments" and "Aunt Moments" and told the kids to tell me which they needed when they got to the writing step. 

Here's some examples. When we finish, we are going to stick them on large sheets of construction paper to give to our moms/grandmothers/aunts. You can find a free copy of the writing template here if you want to use it in your classroom this week!