Hey friends! I'm so excited to share today's post with y'all! 
As I was starting to think about the end of the year a few weeks ago, I realized I wanted to do something special to celebrate our love of books and reading. At the beginning of the year, I wasn't sure that a lot of my kids were going to acquire a love of reading, but I have been so pleased with their progress... especially these last few months. We have been reading more and more and choosing more advanced books. I want to celebrate this accomplishment, so I came up with...

We are going to have an awards day in our classroom to celebrate our favorite books/authors/
read alouds/characters/ and more!

I posted this pic on Instagram a few weeks ago and got a lot of questions, so hopefully this post will clear things up!

We voted on our favorites from each category and I complied the results in a Google Spreadsheet. During the last week of school, we will have the Readers' Choice Awards where we'll find out which favorites won!
Want to hold your own Readers' Choice Awards? Click here to get your printables! Here's what's included in the resource.

Grab your copy here! Want to win a copy? Comment below and I'll randomly pick a winner tomorrow (5/11) night. :)