I have 6 more days, y'all! SIX! I'm going to miss these kids, but goodness am I ready for summer!
Now is a hard time to teach... tons of school events and end of the year celebrations are taking place and the schedule is a bit rushed at times. For example, tomorrow and Friday we will be on a short schedule due to the AR party and a school event. Since next week is the last week of school, some kids will start staying home early in the week, which makes trying to plan lessons and activities hard. I've created 5 activities/ideas to fill in time or to use during a short schedule. 

We did this the day before spring break and it was a HUGE hit! I displayed them in the classroom and the kids LOVE it! They recreated the cover on one side of the paper and wrote a summary on the other side. We will award the winners on Friday :)

You can find the printable for this here :)

Just have kids bring their beach towels and their book and enjoy reading out in the pretty weather! If weather isn't cooperating with you, you can always push the desks back in the classroom and read!

You can find the printable here :)

This one is my favorite! My kids know I'm obsessed with Harry Potter so I think they'll love this one. Simply google a picture of Hogwarts and display it on the board. Find the soundtrack to Harry Potter on Youtube and play it through your computer. The kids can read around the room while listening to the sounds of Harry Potter :) :) 

Do you have any fun ideas to survive the last weeks of school? Share below!