Happy Friday Eve, friends! Today, we did a fun little review activity in preparation for our final lesson (!) on comparing characters/settings/plots (RL 5.3).  I gave the kids a set of instructions and put them into groups. Each group was assigned one of the 5 story elements and they had to create an anchor chart for that skill to "teach" the rest of the class. Some groups did better than others, but I was pleased overall! One group even remembered a strategy and thought to include that! Most groups haven't finished yet, but a few did so I thought I'd share. Since I had to take almost everything down for testing, these will help brighten up our room for the last remaining weeks...as much as I want to rip everything off the walls (and boy do I!) we have one more group of teachers coming to watch my grade level teach a lesson using our 1:1 Chromebooks, so I'll refrain from having completely bare walls until after the visit haha!