Monday, July 11, 2016

Classroom Decorating: Day 3

Happy Monday, friends! I'm sharing my classroom decorating progress today. I spent a ton of time working in my room yesterday and I'm happy with my progress even though there's still a TON left to do! 

Earlier this summer I was in Target with my mom and we thought about using paper plates for border. I liked the way this turned out, so we decided to try napkins. I had a few questions about this on Instagram...I unfolded the napkins once and laminated them and THEN cut them out. I wondered if this would work and it was fine!


Shelving the books was a job! I have them all on the shelves, but not organized...which will be an even bigger job!

I ran out of steam and couldn't finish this display lol. That's what tomorrow is for!

I'm happy with the future comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar board, but it took FOREVER to put up! So glad that's done!

Someone asked about these book shelves. I DO NOT recommend them. They are the cheap ones form Target/Walmart. I really wanted new ones this summer, but I'm trying to make do with these until some classroom money becomes available. I patched up the broken shelf myself! :)

I got these two rugs at Ollies and they are HUGE! They were $36 each and I'm so loving them! I wish the color was a little brighter, but beggars can't be choosers! lol

Beach mat found at Ross. I LOVE using beach mats in classrooms because they hold up really well and are inexpensive (compared to actual rugs!) 

That's all for now! I'm off to make bulletin board titles and charts! :)


  1. Your room is getting there! I love how bright and colorful it is. Can't wait to see the finished pics!

  2. I like your classroom decor. When do you start back?

  3. Do you make your reading charts before school starts or do you make charts with the kids as you teach the skills?

  4. I have used napkins for borders for a few years and love it. I also use paper plates and die cut letters for them for banners and etc.. Something else I did was to take white plastic chairs spray painted black put on white sticky dots, mod podge (sp.?), clear coat and wrote with stick on letters reading phrases at the top and then had old pillows covered in black white polka dots for the seat. My kids love them and I get so many compliments from adults.

  5. you mentioned using napkins to trim your bulletin boards...I bought Halloween napkins at the dollar store and opened them up and laminated them and placed them loosely around an already covered board behind spooky writing, that used figurative language. I'm sure you could do this with other themes as well. It was very cute. I saved the napkins to reuse in future.

  6. I have been stalking this blog like a hawk! I've taught 5th grade at a private, itty bitty (I had 5 students!) school last year, but am transitioning to 5th ELA with 70ish kids. I didn't get to decorate my old room, either, so I feel like a first year teacher in many ways. You are giving me SO many ideas!

    I don't see my room until the 19th. Thanks for the inspiration! I love your wall color this year, too.

  7. how many students will fit at your tables?

  8. Not sure how you organize your classroom library, but I have over 900 books in mine, so it's easiest to organize them by author. I give that job to my students on one of the slow days the very end of the year. Then, they're organized for the next school year! Perhaps this could also be a job for one of the first days back?

  9. where did you get the paper for your boards? love the dots!

  10. Are the polka dot bulletin boards backgrounds made with paper or fabric?