Hi friends! The bulletin boards are finally starting to come together. The rest of the room is still a complete disaster, but at least the boards are looking up! :) Here's my progress from the fourth day of decorating. 
How gorgeous is Teaching with a Mountain View's chart?? When I found it on Pinterest I knew I had to recreate it. 

My evidence board is my most used board in the room. The kids constantly refer to it. You can find these posters here. Only a colored version is available. I just made these black and white ones to coordinate with my board. I have to correct the misspelling of 'paragraph'. There's always a misspelling! :)

I have had a Silhouette Cameo for about 3 years, but I'm awful at using it! I made myself practice yesterday and I fell in love with it! I'm still trying to figure out sizing a little bit better (see below for my failure to make the word 'comprehension' fit...what a long word!)

The title for this board was made using fonts from Jen Jones. I can't remember the names, but they are a part of her Hello fonts :)

I wanted to get a few more things done, but my cell phone died and I couldn't take anymore pictures! I'm awful at remembering to bring a charger. :)