Hi friends! Today I'm talking about what I'm doing the first week of fifth grade! I go back to work next Thursday and the kids come back the following Wednesday (so we all know, school really starts back Wednesday!)
I LOVE starting back in the middle of the week. If you start back on a Monday, there's too much time to fill because it's too early to start a "real" week of learning. Even in fifth grade, the first week is all about procedures! When I transferred from first grade to fifth grade, I thought the kids wouldn't need to go over procedures...they're fifth grade. They should know what to do by now. 
Umm...no. I was dead wrong on that! Yes, they aren't six year olds anymore and they've been in school for 6 years by this point, but they haven't been in your class for 6 years. They need to be taught how YOUR classroom works! 
So for the first three days, we do "get to know you" activities and work on our classroom procedures. My biggest tip that I've discovered over the past three years of teaching fifth grade is to not OVER PLAN. This is a major difference in fifth grade and first grade. I always ran out of things to do on the first few days of first grade. When I needed to individually test students on letter recognition and sounds, I needed something for my other students to do. I always needed more! In fifth grade, I've found it's better to NOT over plan, especially if you are departmentalized. I only have each group of kids for an hour and 15 minutes, so if I over plan, they have to finish that work the next day and that can easily lead to getting off track. 

 Here's my first 3 day plans!
Syllabus: You can read about my last year's syllabus here. I'm changing a few things this year, so if you want to see an updated copy, let me know I'll blog about it! :)
I'm introducing myself with my 50 facts presentation
Let me know if you want to see my classroom rules and I'll post them.
You can find my student interest survey here, but this year I'm doing it through Google Drive using a Form. If I can figure out how to share this form, I will.

Model Beginning Class Procedures: Again, if you want to read about what I'm doing, let me know and I'll share. It involves my Guided Read Aloud! :)
Begin the Pineapple Project. This is my get to know you activity. I've done my Faces of Fifth Grade activity in the past (read more about it here), but my love of pineapples has replaced it this year!
We are selecting independent reading books on day two. I require all students to be reading a "chapter book" at all times and we won't visit the school library until the first full week, so a trip to the classroom library is a must! 
We are a 1:1 chrome book classroom, so we'll be going over technology procedures and getting logged into our accounts.

I have my kids write a letter to me each week about their current independent reading book. This idea is from The Book Whisperer, which if you haven't read, ORDER IT NOW! Life changing!) I like to spice up silent reading and writing time and Rain Reading is one way! Just search for 'rain sounds' on Youtube and turn off the lights to create a cozy setting. :)

Hope this helps! Again, if there's anything I didn't cover or if you have a question, let me know and I'll do my best to answer! :)