Happy Wednesday, y'all! I uploaded my new back to school activity yesterday and I promised I would share today. 

Okay, so what is The Pineapple Project? 
We start back to school on a Wednesday (which I love!) so for the first three days, we go over beginning of the year things like rules and procedures. I always do a little activity like The Faces of Fifth Grade, but I thought of something new this year and I'm excited to share with y'all!

The thing I love most about the activity is that is a launching pad for writing text based evidence responses. Using the format of my comp files, I wrote a nonfiction article about the history of pineapples and how they came to be known as a symbol of welcome and hospitality. 
First, the kids will read this text and answer the questions. 

Next, they will partner up using my pineapple cards!
These are like my Find Me! group cards except these tell the students who they are and who they are looking for. The Find Me! group cards are a little tricker and include a description of fictional characters and historical figures. I LOVE using these to group kids!

After they find their partner, they will conduct their interview to get to know their partner. I've included two options depending on the needs of your classroom. 

Then, the students will make their own pineapple! 

I've included two options for the craft. One requires cut and paste and the other is more of a print and color. 

You can grab your copy of The Pineapple Project here or comment below to win! I'll randomly pick a winner tomorrow morning. :)