Hey y'all! If you follow me on Instagram (lifeinfifthgrade), then you know how much I absolutely LOVE Digital ReadWorks. I've posted about it several times and I always get a lot of questions about it so I thought I'd just write a blog post. :)

Okay, so let's start off with the basic question: What is it?

ReadWorks is a FREE site that has a ton of text passages, both informational and fictional. Here's what I LOVE about this site:

-Passages are leveled (by grade level and/or Lexile Level)
-You can search by text type OR by skills! I LOVE using the skills feature to easily find a passage for whatever comprehension skill we are working on. 
-Each passage has a set of questions included
-Some texts have paired texts that include a set of questions that you can use to compare the two texts.
-You can "bookmark" your favorite passages or passages you want to come back to.

You can visit ReadWorks here. The site is FREE and you can print and copy to your heart's content....

If you have the resources available for each student to work on the digital version, then you MUST visit Digital ReadWorks. 
Let's talk about this amazing site!
Digital ReadWorks is a different site...same company, but a different site. You can visit this site here.
**If you have an account on the original ReadWorks site, you still have to create another account on the digital version. It can be to exact same info though!

I'm going to include screenshots of the basic features and my favorite parts of the site.
When you log into the site you'll see this screen. 
The arrows are pointing to what I would call a dashboard.
1) If you want to see all the articles they offer, then click "Find Article". That's the page the screenshot above it taken from. You can sort through and filter out what you want and don't want on the left.
2) If you save passages, they will be in the "my list" part of the site. This is like the "My Binder" part of the original site.
3) Assignments! This is the part of the site that you'll be visiting the most! More on that below. 
4) Class Admin- This is where you go to see all of your classes and what students are enrolled in which classes. 

So here's what the passages look like when you assign one:
The kids can highlight the text and make annotations when they click on the speech bubble. Here's a look at a text that has been close read. 

Now, let's jump into the 'assignments' link and see what's so great about this site. 
I created a fake account so I could share screenshots in case you are wondering about the student names :)

This part of the site is where you can see what you have assigned to what class. You can also see how many of the students have submitted their assignment and how many have not. If you click on 'class results' you can see individual scores, as well as the overall class.

Once the students have submitted the assignment you can see which ones need grading. If you click "grade these" under the written assignments, it will take you to each students' work. For this particular passage there were only short answer. 
This is my favorite part! It makes grading short answer responses SO MUCH EASIER! You can see each students' answer and you can simply click "correct", "incorrect" or give partial credit. As you can see, Chuck and Serena answered the question with TBE, but Blair did not. 

Once all work has been graded, you can see the overview to see which students missed what and their final grade. 

How great is this FREE site??? I just love how easy it is to use and how much valuable practice it provides the kids! 

Do you use Digital ReadWorks? What's your favorite feature? Is there anything I didn't mention that I should know about?? Please share!

***This is not a sponsored post! I just really love this site and wanted to share with y'all!