Hi friends! Let's talk about classroom rules, shall we? If you've ever been in both lower elementary and upper elementary, you know the grades can be quite different! It can be hard to implement a classroom management plan that is effective if you're new to a grade level and have no idea what the age group is like. For example, it's pretty safe to say older kids aren't going to be as worried about moving their clothespin like 6 year olds are!

When I started thinking about what an effective classroom needed in order to run smoothly and efficiently, I knew some set of rules that the kids would be required to follow was a must! I searched and searched and came up with 5 broad rules that I call The Vital Five. I like these broad rules because they fit in any classroom and cover a wide range of issues. This way they can easily be discussed during the first days of school and the kids can easily follow and understand them. A win win! 

You can grab a copy of these rules here. I feel like these are the only rules you'll ever need, but in case you want to add something to them, I made an editable template :)